Serving Pasco, Pinellas and Hernando counties.

Services We Offer

Routine Lawn Care

Service includes mowing, edging, string trimming, and blowing every week from March 15th through November 1st and bi-weekly during the winter 

Master Class staff is fully trained and only use professional grade tools. We sharpen our blades every day to ensure the best cut possible every time. 

We trim your grass tailored to your desired height and also leave your lawn impeccably clean, by cleaning yard trash, blowing the trimmings off your hardscape areas, and walking areas and driveways. We offer weekly or bi-weekly services including, Weed Trimming around all obstacles (trees, flower beds, sidewalks, driveways, etc.) Edging all concrete borders (driveways, walkways, and porches.) Blowing all areas off. Clear basic yard debris (tree limbs, basic trash,)

You can also opt for Flower Bed Maintenance (picking of weeds, re-planting flowers, etc.), as well as Hedge Services (trimming and shaping of hedges, and planting or removal.) on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Just talk with your estimator.

Hedge Trimming

Pruning and trimming process begins by removing any dead or damaged branches, as well as any suffering from plant based disease, or nutrient issues. Once all dead or damaged materials are cleared we will then shape the hedge to your desired taste. After that our lawn technician will begin the pruning process by clipping small branches on the inside just over fresh growth to allow for better sunlight and air. Upon the end we will remove all debris and trimmings by blowing out the hedge and mulching up the trimmings ot loading it up an removing it from the area. 

Landscape Mulching

First our crew will thoroughly clean all beds of any of any dried leaves, debris, sticks, and any old mulch from previous years they will also clean up and shape the edge of your bed to your personal choice.    Second, if the area of your home has not had any rain or watering, we will wet the beds down to ensure good ground moisture.    Third our landscaping specialist will remove all weeds from beds, as well as make sure  any ant nests are removed.    Fourth the crew will stretch out proper ground cover in your beds.    Fifth step the crew will spread the mulch across your beds or designated area to the standard two-four inches to ensure no weeds sprout through.    Sixth and final step will be for the crew to go through and clean around beds of all excess materials and mess as well as lightly water the mulched area to settle the mulch.


Hardscaling is a process described as using solid materials in an outdoor design such as stone, tile, brick, wood, and concrete papers.  These products are used in a variety of ways to create driveways, walkways, patios, walls, decks and gardens

Sod Removal

Your landscape specialists will ensure the proper removal of your sod. Our 4 stop process will ensure a clean and easy going project.

Step 1: A technician will come out a few days prior to the removal date to water the designated area to saturate the soil for easier removal. 

Step 2: The day of the removal our crew will arrive fresh and early they will begin by cutting your area into one-foot by two-foot straps taking care to only cut the top layer and make sure not to damage any under laying material. 

Step 3: After the designated area has been cut. The crew will begin rolling the sod by digging under one end of each roll and shoving a shovel or pitchfork under neath to break any deep tap roots. They will continue this process until strips are rolled to end of yard to be picked up. 

 Step 4: The crew will then load all removed grass and haul it away. They will also go over the part once more to ensure everything was up rooted properly. Crew will return next day for installation.

Sod Installation

Step 1: The day of install our crew will arrive an begin a rake over to remove rocks and de weeding to ensure good soil for new sod. We will also grade the yard to make sure it's the proper 1 inch under all co Crete borders. 

Step 2: The crew will then use the longest straightest point to begin laying the sod to ensure a straight start point. They will press it to the soil with no air pockets making sure to rake out any dampened sections. 

 Step 3: After laying the first roll. The crew will then begin filling in the area with sod in a staggered pattern as you would with bricks. Making sure to butt edges snuggly together without overlapping. This is so seems will be less noticeable as well as ensure the edges don't dry out and die back. They will also use knives to cut out holes for sprinklers, and place trim along beds and paved areas. 

Step 4: After all of the designated area is sodded a member of the crew will water the freshly placed sod thoroughly to help set the soil. While the rest of the crew will be sure to clean all mess and excess material. 

Pressure Washing